Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sandra Shine & Carli Banks in Lust

Sandra Shine Carli Banks Ron Harris I'm surfing around in the members area downloading one huge ZIP file after another looking for some hot pics, as usual. I just took a look outside my back yard and damn.. everything is covered in snow. I got the thermostat set at 72 but it still feels a little chilly in here, especially after eating some cold yogurt. Anyway, I came across this pic from october 2005. You like? I guess Ron Harris spent almost the entire month photographing Sandra Shine and Carli Banks. Wondered how he kept himself from getting bored? :D Anyway, enjoy the pic.

Sanja Harris Archives

sanja harris archivesPhotos of Sanja is exclusive to Harris Archives; You won't find her in Ron Harris Studios, in other words. Although I don't really care for the sunlight effect here, which is a bit overused in several shoots, I still like the model. She's tall, her long hair adds to her MILFy look and if she acts like a real woman in real life (as opposed to immature brat or a material girl type I guess) then I can really dig her. This photo I think is the best out of the entire set. With one hand she's keeping a bra strap from falling and her other breast is completely exposed. Her left hand seems to be trying to cover up her snatch.

Sandra Shine & Carli Banks Pink Dildo

Sandra Shine Carli Banks pink dildoTwo girls rubbing their lips on cock at the same time is something I always enjoy watching, and although both Sandra Shine and Carli Banks are staying away from hardcore boy girl stuff, I bet plenty of people are throwing big money at them to talk them into sucking on real cocks and have cum splashed on their beautiful faces. They must be holding out for a higher bid. Once they agree to do one boy girl scene, then the price producers offer for them to do more hardcore stuff I assume will progressively decrease.

One year ago, Penny Flame hardcore stuff was nowhere to be found. Now it's everywhere. A few days ago, I even found her doing some hardcore stuff for Naughty America (people who produced My First Sex Teacher) in their new site, Housewife 1 on 1. If you check out the tour, you'll find Penny Flame with a dick in her mouth, again. I liked her better when she was strictly softcore.

One woman in there I really like is Saskia -- she fits any roles she plays perfectly from a housewife, secretary, teacher to a mother I like to fuck. I'll have to check out that site later to see if they have any real goodies inside the site. But I digress...

I like this pic because it reminds me of a real hot scene from Night Trips 2 where two hot woman lick, kiss, and suck on Randy Spears' cock. Some of that old Andrew Blake stuff is more erotic than the amateur hardcore crap I see too often today. These amateurs think they can rake in big bucks if they just point their handheld camera at a girl's naked butt. The sad thing is that they're right.

If you want to download Night Trips 2, by the way, the cheapest site you'll find is Video Box, where you can download tons of DVDs for around 10 bucks a month. Anyway, thanks to those guys and girls who visited Harris Archives. It's one of the more unique sites out there so I highly recommend it.

Carli Banks & Sandra Shine Blue Chair Photo Set Sample

Sandra Shine & Carli Banks harris archives Here's another photo sample from October 2005 update of Harris Archives. One thing that sometimes annoys me about Ron Harris photos is the photos sometimes lack detail from overused filters and effects. I personally prefer Simon Scans type digital photos, although I do prefer these to Matrix pics where the girls don't look real at all. That's enough bitching from me for now. There are many hot pictures in this set, but I especially liked this one because it accentuates Sandra Shine's pink undies and Carli's bare round butt, and I just really like well-shaped butts. Also, Sandra pulling down another girl's panties looked naughty, because in my mind, Carli is straight, conservative type of girl and in this pic she seems to be attacked by Sandra... More tons of more softcore pics, visit Harris Archives, and for hardcore version of these pics, check out Ron Harris Studio.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sandra Shine & Carli Banks Bikini

blonde teen Carli Banks Hungarian babe Sandra Shine Ron harris
Sandra Shine looks damn sexy in her bikinis and Carli also looks incredibly hot in this pic, which is why I posted it. Of course, the photo set gets much hotter than this a few pics down the road...maaaaybe I'll post a few more pics from this set later; we shall see.

There has to be a DVD quality video of Carli and Sandra licking each other in all-out hardcore girl+girl sex scene. I'll have to dig around the members area. I did watch one video with them making out on Ron Harris' bed. But I don't remember a 69 or anything too hardcore. I'm looking.

If you can't wait, just join harris-archives and download the DVD quality video in the Ron Harris Studio members area.

Carli Banks & Sandra Shine Avacado

Carli Banks Sandra Shine Harris Archives Sample photo of Hungarian teen Sandra Shine and blonde American model Carli Banks licking a ripe avocado. What struck me about this pic is the way Carli's tongue bends as it's pressed against the cold surface of the dark fruit (or vegetable .. whatever it is). Just imagine that avocado is your dick and think of how good it'll feel when these two models are licking it like they're doing in the photo. These two girls are probably the hottest models Ron Harris has ever photographed; enjoy. To see more, surf on over to and check out the photo-laden tour.

Blonde Babe Nicole Harris Archives

nicole harris archives
This blonde teen from Harris Archives' october 2005 update is easy on the eyes, plus that silver tongue piercing gotta tell you something that doesn't show at first glance. She's got that runway model look pretty much nailed, and although she doesn't have a huge set of boobies she's definitely a hottie in my book. Did I mention I have a big weakness for blondes? She's also wearing an army T shirt which makes me think she'd be hard to stay away from if she was really in the Army! Anyway, you can see more of her by visiting

Blonde Model Carli Banks and Rene Butt Naked

Carli Banks Rene Harris Archives Blogs are a little inconvenient when it comes to posting pics don't you think? The photos show up in reverse chronological order, if you know what I mean. You have to read from bottom up to see the pics in sequence -- kind of a pain. Maybe I'll start posting them backwards. Anyway, I thought it doesn't hurt to show a little skin, so here's a final pic from the Carli Banks & Rene Smoking Girl+Girl photo shoot. Ron Harris is a lucky bastard isn't he? Carli Banks is probably one of the hottest teen models to hit the US in years...I really can't think of too many girls who are hotter...and he gets to spend hours shooting her in the buff. See more stuff shot by Ron Harris inside his site,

Carli Banks Looking into Rene's Eyes

carli banks rene harris archives Another photo from the same photoset Ron Harris published during October, 2005, officially crowed as girl+girl month. All that month, Ron shot beautiful teens fondling each other. What a job huh? The girls featured that month include Carli Banks, Rene, Sandra Shine, Nicole, and Guinevere. I'll try to post a few pics from each of those shoots. The original pics are way bigger than my 17 inch monitor...which means it's probably time for me for an upgrade. I want to see these full size pics without scrolling around. Anyway, enjoy this pic, and visit Harris Archives ( see more of what they have in store inside the site.

Carli Banks and Rene Lesbian Harris Archive Shoot

carli banks rene harris archives
Here's a photo of blonde all-American teen bombshell Carli Banks modeling with exotic brunette Rene at Ron Harris' Malibu hangout. Carli seems very coy in alot of the video shoots I've seen and when she does girl+girl stuff that timidity mixes well with explicit pussy licking. I like this pic because it's arousing without getting too hardcore. It's too bad I can't post the full size pic here, which is 2400px in height. You'll find tons more samples by visiting Harris Archives.