Thursday, November 24, 2005

Carli Banks & Sandra Shine Blue Chair Photo Set Sample

Sandra Shine & Carli Banks harris archives Here's another photo sample from October 2005 update of Harris Archives. One thing that sometimes annoys me about Ron Harris photos is the photos sometimes lack detail from overused filters and effects. I personally prefer Simon Scans type digital photos, although I do prefer these to Matrix pics where the girls don't look real at all. That's enough bitching from me for now. There are many hot pictures in this set, but I especially liked this one because it accentuates Sandra Shine's pink undies and Carli's bare round butt, and I just really like well-shaped butts. Also, Sandra pulling down another girl's panties looked naughty, because in my mind, Carli is straight, conservative type of girl and in this pic she seems to be attacked by Sandra... More tons of more softcore pics, visit Harris Archives, and for hardcore version of these pics, check out Ron Harris Studio.


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